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Eventfinity makes attendee management easy with its user-friendly and intuitively designed dashboard.

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How it works

Eventfinity provides event organizers with a user-friendly dashboard where they can quickly and securely access attendee data, submit updated information, customize the design and layout of badges, and control attendee views of app content.


With our scalable and robust content management system, you can manage events with a database from as few as a hundred to hundreds of thousands of attendees. Basic information, like name and email address, can be supplemented with any range of custom fields providing a level of customization and flexibility that is unmatched.


Eventfinity’s effective UI design allows for event organizers to easily and securely access attendee data, search by filtering through a myriad of different attendee types, and submit updated information.

Permission Settings

Many events require different levels of information access for attendees. Role-based permissions show attendees the information selected for their positions and can provide VIP attendees with extra materials or agenda items.

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With Eventfinity, you can have all your event’s information at your fingertips in one easily-accessible place.

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