Eventfinity Enhancements

April 15, 2021

New Features

Global Chat (Open BETA)

  • This new feature has been added to Dashboard within Content > Global Chat. Admin Users can establish the number of chat rooms, designate chat moderators, and determine which pages the chat will be accessible. There will be official documentation to support this feature released next week on the Eventfinity Helpsite.


      • Speaker agenda items will only show the agenda items that attendees see on their personal schedule
      • Added the "delete" column to the agenda importer, to allow for deleting agenda items in bulk

      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed a bug causing a discrepancy in VMeet Views between Directors and Attendees in Spotlight View
      • Fixed a javascript error caused by attempting to access an undefined form field
      • Fixed a VMeet error by checking for a specific function value prior to attempting to return a variable
      • Added an additional check prior to attempting to display VMeet Chat through a public link
      • Added an additional check to combat 404 errors related to Attendee fields

      Hot Fixes (Already Live)

      • Bugfix for a missing localization string for dropdown fields; causing
        “event_strings.dropdown_select_option” to display as the first option
      • Bugfix for attendee login failing after attempting to reset their password
      • Updated missing CSS on Main Stage Plugin

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