Eventfinity Enhancements

May 06, 2021

New Features

  • Added the “starred” field to the Live Questions Report. The questions that have been starred will have a “+” within the “starred” column of the report
  • Added the ability to upload user avatars as .png files with a transparent background

Functionality updates to Global Chat

  • This feature is still not intended for use on any live events, but will be released soon. It is only meant to be tested on non-live events. In order for this feature to be enabled, the Legacy CSS Theme must be toggled off and Attendee Global Presence must be enabled.
  • To enable both the experimental CSS Theme and the Global Chat plugin, please reach out to your Eventfinity Representative/Manager. Once enabled, Admin Users can establish the number of chat rooms, designate chat moderators, and determine which pages the chat will be accessible. Further documentation can be found on the Evenfinity Helpsite.


      Functionality updates to Global Chat

      • Added a spam timeout for chat users
      • Added pagination to the list of Chat Rooms within the Chat Drawer

      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed an issue with deleting events that contained global chat room groups
      • Fixed a bug that appeared when creating a reader that badge types needs to be filled out
      • Fixed a bug with the Set Language modal not functioning properly
      • Fixed an issue that caused messages posted from a different device to not appear if the user was signed in on another device in Global Chat
      • Fixed a mobile spacing issue with Global Chat
      • Fixed a bug with VueJS not rendering localized strings properly
      • Fixed an issue with extremely large Marketo API integrations causing the importer to timeout

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