Eventfinity Enhancements

August 2021

        New Features

        Agenda Speaker Section Customization

        • You can now add custom titles and multiple sortable sections for speakers in agenda items.
        • Add speakers to enrollable agenda items
        • Presence reporting for Social Stream and Interactive Maps
        • Group names will now populate in agenda importer rather than group id


        • Attendee uploads in attendee edit in dashboard can now be edited
        • In dashboard, expanding emails functionality by allowing the embedding of dynamically generated QR codes
        • Ability to hide or change side or top navigation's fa-icons
        • Cvent REST API Integration - Added new 3rd party integration for CVent's REST API using the same functionality as SOAP where we import attendees and sessions as well as their enrollment in the sessions via adding the string enrolled as the value for the selected attendee field.When using conditional field blocks, fields can now be side by side
        • Since we added the “add to calendar” function we have removed “Notification text” from the enrollable setup
        • In dashboard homescreen builder we now allow for any number of agenda cards to be set instead of the past limit of 10
        • In dashboard cosmetic update to emailer form to align some fields
        • “Green Room” will now be referred to as “Virtual Backstage”
        • Security update for asset and avatar uploader in registration forms.
        • Saved search is now called Saved Reports
        • Date picker accepts user inputted dates. Example Start date/Live Date in ‘Event Information’ and Date selection in Agenda
        • Mobile app legacy updates
        • Add class spans for directory subheaders. There will now be a span class for each subheader and the divider

          Bug Fixes

          • Security update to chat messaging for xss
          • In dashboard, when scheduling a meeting for directories, now a vMeet room is required if networking is enabled for normal and exhibitor directories
          • Fixed an issue where header text would appear twice
          • Fixed an issue where the agenda tag wouldn’t delete correctly
          • Cvent rest API will now pull all attendee and session fields
          • Enrollable agenda items now show timezones and the clock icon is in the primary theme color
          • Fixed an issue where agenda filtering by tags wasn’t working on the homepage
          • Dashboard attendee searches will now consistently stick after going in and out of attendee records
          • Fixed an issue where directories would break if the category column was changed
          • Emailer will now send when ‘Everyone’ is selected under ‘Group’
          • Fixed data not pulling from cvent if event_id is removed

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