Eventfinity’s SAAS badge printing platform is an all-in-one solution that allows for high quality badges on multiple mediums, linked seamlessly to your registration and app.

High level features

Custom Design
Dynamic Content
Full-bleed Printing
High Quality Printing
Badge Stock Variety
Lanyard Variety
On-demand Printing
RFID/NFC Integration

How it works

As attendees register, Eventfinity can use the information entered to create uniquely coded badges, allowing attendees to easily check-in and register for activities throughout your event.

Design Variation

Best practices for speed and quality are a combination of both pre-printed badge stock and dynamic content printed from our Eventfinity Badging Software. A variety of designs can be determined by printing preference, badge stock and lanyard type, and we can even take environmentally conscious options into consideration.

On-demand Printing

Our check-in app seamlessly integrates with our printers. This allows for quick on-demand printing at full-service registration or self check-in stations. Attendees no longer need to wait in long lines to retrieve their credentials - they simply walk in, check in at the counter, and receive their credentials.

BLE, RFID, NFC, QR Code Integration

Custom designs can be printed from any printer on stock that has an embedded chip for RFID or NFC integration. Our printers are also in line with QR code and barcode technology. This allows for secure attendee experiences and gathering of clear, detailed metrics.

Our software is preconfigured to work with these printers and badges. With our proprietary driverless printer system, you can print from iPads, Chromebooks, Android and anything that can access a web browser.

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