Help Desk and Live Chat

Is it still called customer service if every one of your attendees has access to a live event producer to help chase down every solution?

High level features

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How it works

Work on your staffing plan ahead of your event. When your guests access our login site and every other page on the platform, they'll have access to an obvious tech support button that instantly creates a chat with one of our producers.


We've got metrics and analytics every which way to know what questions our attendees most frequently ask. How do I turn on my camera? What time does the session begin? For questions like this, our chat bot makes sure your guests have the troubleshooting information they need within seconds.

Live Chat

When the bot cannot, a human hits the spot. Our tech support feature is staffed by live event producers who engage directly with your attendees to solve every problem, and we've seen it all. From explaining things like what a web browser is to getting your CEOs into the right breakout, our producers know how to get the job done quickly and appropriately for every guest.


If the situation calls for it, our tech support team is ready to invite an individual attendee directly to a face-to-face meeting in order to help troubleshoot. When your attendees are frustrated with a text chat, our team jumps in to add a face and a helpful voice to the process. We don't quit.

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