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The Eventfinity event app can be used for conferences, concerts, trainings, weddings, ongoing communications, or any other event or happening that needs a place to house and display information.

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Custom Event app

Eventfinity is a versatile platform that allows event planners to take complete control of their  digital material, from uploading relevant  materials to personalizing the layout.

Secure and user-friendly, it provides your  attendees with all the information they need in  one easily-accessible place, while also receiving  audience feedback and generating analytics.

Dynamic Content

House all your event’s information in one place with built-in and customizable agenda, maps, directories, social feed, surveys, materials, photos and videos and more. The versatility of the Eventfinity platform allows for heavy customization of your user’s experience.

Training materials and additional interactive elements can be disseminated to all or select users, targeting exactly who you want and giving your users a personalized experience

Native app

Because our apps are native, we provide users with an easy-to-use and well designed experience across a range of devices. All of the event data is stored on your device, which means that the app is also fast to use and easy to access repeatedly.

Basic App features

Personalized to each attendee with visibility and privacy settings.
Can be made for whatever groups or purposes needed. For example, there can be a directory of all attendees and a separate directory for just speakers.
Materials & links
Photos, videos, audio, PDFs can be uploaded and accessed from within the app. Any external links out to other websites can also freely be added and will open within the app interface for easy navigation back to the app.
Social feed
Ability for attendees to post photos, videos, and comments, and tag other users in posts.
PDF maps, embeddable interactive Google maps that link out, or custom interactive maps with booth popups and descriptions.
Info pages
Unlimited html pages, which can also be grouped if desired.

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With Eventfinity, you can have all your event’s information at your fingertips in one easily-accessible place.

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