We are a team of event producers, developers, creative designers, and industry leaders who connect people through virtual experiences and events. But we didn’t start here. What began in 2015 as an onsite event app became a vital virtual event platform to serve the needs of a radically changed industry. 


Eventfinity begins its life under the name paperless.events for iPad and mobile.

Paperless was a simple app specializing in a cost effective way to provide offline agenda and documents for live events in your mobile phones.


Developers focus on Paperless as a mobile app as phones play an even larger part in onsite experiences. We added forms, gamification, and more onsite integrations for training and high end events.


For the first time, Paperless adds on-demand paper badge printing using Zebra printers as well as starts experimenting with integrating smart Digital Signage at events.


Paperless rebrands itself as Eventfinity, an all-in-one integrated app for attendee data, check-in, and event experience.

Gamification in the event app encourages widespread usage onsite at dozens of events. Travel management becomes baked into the admin panel allowing Eventfinity panel users to fully control the entire attendee journey.

We perform our first Virtual Meeting with vMeet, our Web RTC video conference solution for several pharmaceutical training events.


The Eventfinity suite continues to progress its SAAS product, allowing easy use for client users who manage events on their own.

RFID Bracelets, Festivals, and more integrations with Ticketing solutions allows us to expand to front facing events like the Fortnite World Cup, and MLB Foodfest.


COVID-19 drastically reshapes the in-person and virtual events landscapes.

vMeet, Eventfinity’s proprietary video conferencing platform, gains new prominence and our developers optimize Eventfinity to be a web-based platform in order to easily draw attendees in the new events landscape. Within this market after thorough vetting, Eventfinity earns SOC II Compliance and raises our security posture to handle larger scale virtual and in-person events.


Eventfinity transitions to become The Only Unified Virtual and Hybrid Events Solution, connecting attendees and presenters onsite to virtual guests at home.


Our company is led by laser-like focus on two key areas: flawless product execution and world-class partnership.The pairing of Eventfinity's limitless product potential with Gramercy Tech's experiential partnership expertise is our secret weapon, and now it can be yours, too.

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