Digital Signage

Customizable smart signage that can enhance your event experience.

High level features

Custom Design
Dynamic Content
Automated Emails
Access Codes
Open/Closed Registration
Data Collection

How it works

Digital signage powered by Eventfinity allows for signage that is dynamic, engaging and modern display of your content. Totally customizable, these vibrant signs can be used to impart up-to-date information, include personalized schedules, help with wayfinding, or integrate with social media.

Agenda Signage

Display all data already in the app throughout your event to provide real time agenda information outside of all your events rooms from one database.  

Touchscreen map

Using registration data allow attendees to explore this simple touchscreen map to see where everyone attending your event has travelled from. With people joining from all over the country, you can find others from your home state, see who has travelled the furthest, and click on individuals to learn fun facts and compare what you have in common!

Tap n Go Photo booths

Tap in and scan at a photo installation for fun social interactions, including AR filters and more!

Welcome Wall

Create an exciting moment for your attendees by integrating a Welcome Wall that is triggered when they check into your event. This social feature allows for a dynamic way to highlight branded content and personalize the event for each and every attendee.

Attendee Profile Reaction Wall

Put faces to the list of those attending your event. Display attendee photos on digital signage to greet those walking past and include callouts via connected badges or wearables.

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