Sponsors and Exhibit Halls

Use limitless opportunities for sponsorship to drive revenue with your virtual event. Customize your sponsor and exhibit hall content in whatever way you would like.

High level features

Custom Design
Dynamic Content
Automated Emails
Access Codes
Open/Closed Registration
Data Collection

How it works

Your production team will work with you to craft the perfect set of sponsorship opportunities from individual sessions to logo presents to participant gifts or anything else we dream up together. Your exhibitors use our exhibit form to build their own custom booth to the specs we all agree on. If you would like to work directly with your exhibitors on your own, we'll work with you to build each booth perfectly.


There are limitless creative solutions to sponsorship opportunities for your events, and Eventfinity's creative and production teams are here to ideate on the right methods for you. We'll start with offering session and networking sponsorships to logo presence at unlimited spaces across the event platform and then we'll grow from there with our combined creativity. Combine our email offering with your sponsors and you've got a real chance to drive revenue!


Welcome to the virtual trade show floor, where every exhibitor has their own virtual booth. For starters, our booths include giveaways via email, links to external resources, internal file hosting, digital business cards, question and answer time, graphics, and anything else your exhibitors want to bring to the show floor. But the real driver for engagement is our customized virtual meeting rooms. Every exhibitor gets one for their booth that they can brand with their logos and colors. They can build on their own or work directly with your team and ours to make sure their booth is built to spec.

Lead Generation

Exhibitors can access a live list of who has clicked into their booth and materials, but we also encourage attendees to take the extra step of leaving behind a digital business card or asking a question to the booth owner. Take it one step further by scheduling specific meetings on or off the platform.

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