Personalized schedules, customizable information, and even an integrated ticketing system!

High level features

Custom Design
Dynamic Content
Automated Emails
Access Codes
Open/Closed Registration
Data Collection

How it works

Organizers add agenda items in the backend allowing attendees to access a full schedule of the event. Upcoming schedule items are on the homepage for quick and easy access, and clicking into each agenda item allows for more detailed information, including descriptions, linked maps of the venues, associated surveys and polls, or links to speaker bios.

Group Permissions

At large events, not everyone has the same schedule, so group permissions allow organizers to set people with different positions into different tracks. This way, admin permissions grant organizers full-view access, and attendees only see the information that pertain to them.

Enrollable Agenda Items

Ticketed events or sessions with limited availability typically use our enrollable agenda item functionality. App users can use the app to book specific appointments (e.g. “12:15pm Headshot”) or seats at a specific program that might sell out. Once they are booked, their agenda will show their specific appointment and time. If using connected badging or access control, you can check who has enrolled in a specific event and who is trying to sneak in!

Speaker Bios

When your agenda includes panel discussions or presentations, it’s helpful to link directly from the schedule to that event’s speakers so attendees don’t have to dig around for the information they want. Speaker bios can be designed to match the branding of your event, with headshots, names, titles, bios and contact info.

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