On-demand Registration

Best practices for speed and quality are a combination of both a pre-printed badge stock and dynamic content printed from our Eventfinity Badging Software.

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Amazing features that will boost enhance your event

& check-in

To start your event off smoothly, you need a flawless and efficient event registration system.

As attendees register online, Gramercy Tech can use their  information to create badges uniquely coded to each individual. This will allow them to easily check-in and register  for various activities throughout your event.

Don’t waste time rifling through long lists of names for  access control – simply scan a badge and keep lines moving.

Registration Website

Gramercy Tech will create a custom branded registration website to collect your attendee’s information. An automated confirmation email will be sent to registrants upon submission of the form acknowledging completion.  Branding will be provided by client and Gramercy Tech will design based on branding and look and feel. The registration website will be open until 2 days prior to the event unless otherwise noted.

Check-in App

Add security to your event by controlling the flow of attendees through Bluetooth badge scanning. Scanning an attendees badge tells the administrator all of the necessary information relevant to that attendee and if they belong to that event.

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