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About Eventfinity


Eventfinity provides event organizers with a user-friendly dashboard where they can quickly and easily access attendee data, submit updated information, and control the design and layout of the app, keeping their audience engaged.


Ensuring your data is secure is of the utmost importance to us. When users log in to the app, they are issued a unique verification token which allows them to see materials for only the events they have access to. All data is protected with SSL and all files are stored privately in the cloud.


With a built-in augmented reality camera, Bluetooth readers, and live Q&A and polling, the app has the ability to create a robust user experience. Eventfinity is also the backbone of other event-wide activations such as reactive digital signage, gamification, check-in, registration, and badging.

Admin Portal

The admin panel provides event managers with the ability to modify and update attendee's content on the fly. Permission controls allow managers to make all app content public, or specify exactly what each attendee sees.
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With several different homepage layouts to choose from, the look and feel of the app is flexible and dynamic, providing high visibility for your brand.
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Best practices for speed and quality are a combination of both a pre-printed badge stock and dynamic content printed from our Eventfinity Badging Software.
The badge stock is designed with full-bleed branding for your event with an area for the dynamic content to reside.
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Access Control &

Eventfinity has developed Check-In and Access Control Active Lookup within our system.

Eventfinity will use Facial Recognition for sentiment analysis for Criminal Intent.  Our photo data is readily available on an API and can most likely be integrated with minimal effort.
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Core features that your event attendees will love

With rotating banner images and custom buttons, the graphics used in this app can truly represent your company and event themes. The app also provides flexibility for a wide range of custom designs.

Attendee Networking

Directories allow attendees to benefit from the connections that company-wide events facilitate.

Info & Materials

Event details are easily accessible and manageable, from maps and info to videos, presentations, music, and more.


Eventfinity includes games to encourage attendee engagement and participation and to drive competition. Attendee scores can be tracked on a customizable leaderboard.

Social Media Stream

The app has its own social media platform providing completely private messaging feeds so that attendees can share comments, ideas, and enthusiasm with their colleagues.

Personalized Schedules

Users have access to a personalized schedule and in-app reminders for upcoming events and training sessions. Visibility for each agenda item is completely customizable from the admin panel.

Push Notifications

Event managers are able to send instantaneous, native, push notifications to groups, individuals, or all event attendees.

Additional Features

With Eventfinity as the backbone, practical and interactive add-ons make for a seamless attendee experience and help to create a dynamic and engaging event.
Digital Signage
Through the app, signage becomes dynamic, engaging, and current. These vibrant signs are totally customizable and can be used for way-finding or to display a breakout session’s progress or schedule in real-time.
Our Audience Response System (ARS) can be used for large or small audiences to aggregate and display audience responses.  It allows attendees to vote up or down questions they want to see answered.
Eventfinity has a built-in certification module that allows certifiers to view a schedule of who they are interviewing, fill out the certification form, and score reps or mark them absent. All of this is manageable in the admin portal and real-time results are available to admins via web browser or CSV download.
Gramercy Tech can produce premium plastic badges or self check-in kiosks that do print-on-demand badges. All badges have the option to be printed onsite for any last-minute additions.
The app provides a user-friendly dashboard where attendees can easily access information on badging, check-in, and registration systems, as well as general information about the event.
As attendees register, Gramercy Tech can use their information to create uniquely coded badges allowing attendees to easily check-in and register for activities throughout your event

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