Email Capabilities

Communicate directly with all of your attendees with completely customized emails. Save your templates for another product.

High level features

Custom Design
Dynamic Content
Automated Emails
Access Codes
Open/Closed Registration
Data Collection

How it works

With an unlimited number of email sends to any group of attendees, you can ensure that none of your important attendee communications get lost. Draft your own copy and layout or use one of our design templates to create the perfect comms strategy.

Know Before You Go

We always recommend sending an email to all your attendees about a week in advance of your event portal opening with some crucial know before you go information. We have a list of best practices for attendees at virtual conferences that we love to send out in advance of your event.

Portal Access

When it's time to launch your event website, we'll send out an email to every attendee with their login credentials. We can also send a secure magic link from our platform, unique to every attendee, that grants them access to our event while bypassing the login page.

Change of Plans

Need to send out a last-minute communication because Verizon's internet went down across the northeast? We've got you covered there, too!


Our emails can come straight out of existing templates or you can create your own communications from scratch.

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