Eventfinity Enhancements

April 06, 2022

New Features

vMeet Record

  • We’ve added the ability to record a vMeet room.
  • vMeet rooms will now have a blue button that says ‘Start Broadcast’ for the room directors.
    -The “Broadcast” permission must be toggled on for the room directors in order for them to be able to record.
    -Recording may take a few seconds to start. When it does start, the button will say ‘Starting Broadcast’ then switch to ‘Stop Broadcast’.
    -All attendees in the room will see ‘Rec’ in the top right corner when the recording has started.
  • Recordings can be downloaded from vMeet > [Pick the room you recorded] > Broadcast > ‘Go to Live Streams’ > Previous Records. Click on the recording, click “Temporary” and then click “Update Asset”. The video takes a few minutes but when it’s done you will see a download button under actions.

HTML header blocks for all pages

  • We’ve added HTML header blocks for all pages and directories.We’ve added HTML header blocks for all pages and directories.
  • This allows more customization for every page we offer. You now have the ability to add text, directions, or a message on the top of the following pages:
    -Main Stages
    -Interactive maps
    -Photo Streams


Added additional localization strings

  • Added in Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese support for the vMeet main screen and vMeet hardware screen.
  • Please note that system strings that do not have translations in a specific language will return as English.
  • The attendee needs to be logged in and have that specific language selected in order to see the translations.

Check In App updates

  • Updated check in filters to allow conditional and/or fields for check in.
  • Added a checkbox that will allow attendees to only check in once per event.

Bizzabo 3rd party importer updates

  • Quality of life updates for the Bizzabo 3rd party importer.
    -Added a toggle that allows us to receive only data that has changed since the previous import.
    -Fixed required parameters $timezone and $includeTickets.
    -Fixed additional_info if null for new attendees when comma separating fields.

Dashboard UI updates

  • Removed the ‘Insert Image’ button on emailer.
  • Changed ‘Open Registration’ to ‘Public Registration Form’ in the domain type drop down.
  • Added attendee search UI enhancements.
  • In ‘Event Theme’, we’ve updated the colored box to be clickable and bring up the current color selection.
  • Directory title will now use the primary theme color.
  • The name of the items are now clickable and will take you to the edit screen for the following items:
    -Global Chat
    -EmailerPush Notifications
    -Surveys & Polling
    -Live Questions
    -Social Streams

Updated homescreen agenda cards

  • The ‘Join Session’ button will always sit at the bottom of the agenda card.

Conditional fields for forms now allows multiple parameters

  • When using conditional field blocks, you can now have multiple parameters to trigger the conditional field. This will be used for and/or.
  • If a field needs to be shown with two checkboxes selected, you can now add an ‘and’ condition and the field will look for both required fields for the field show.
  • If the conditional can be shown with two different options you can use the ‘or’ condition and the conditional field will show when one or both items are selected.

Titles of radio buttons are now clickable

  • On forms the titles of radio buttons are now clickable and will toggle the radio button when clicked. This allows for a larger click box when using radio buttons.

    Can now upload .srt files as assets

    • Added the ability to upload .srt files as assets.

    Bug Fixes

    Issue with attached forms cloning to new events

    • Public registration forms that were attached to a domain did not clone over. This has been resolved.

    Resolved formatting issues with custom date-time fields

    • Fixed a bug when importing date-time fields where it would add extra characters that were not needed.
    • Importing and exporting date-time fields will have the same format.

    Aligned navigation items for side and top navigation

    • Fixed a spacing issue if an icon wasn’t included in the navigation item. Previously there was a space in front of the navigation item where the icon would be if it existed. Now, if nothing is attached, there is no blank space.

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