Eventfinity Enhancements

April 21, 2022


Group names on agenda importer

  • When importing private agenda items, the attached groups on the import will now show the name of the group rather than the ID associated with that group. (This will make it easier when approving your agenda imports to make sure the correct group is attached to the agenda item.)
  • The agenda page will now automatically scroll to the next agenda item that is scheduled. (There is a new toggle that needs to be toggled on to use this feature. The toggle is found under agenda settings in Dashboard.)

Added floating 'Save' and 'Delete' buttons

  • We added floating Save and Delete buttons for the base URL page and registration forms.
  • Admins will no longer have to scroll all the way down to save these items, instead they can be saved from anywhere on the page. (This will appear on more pages soon.)

Added spans around start and end times

  • Added span classes around agenda start and end times for agenda and main stage pages. This will allow for more customization with the start and end times.

Updated the default toggles for vMeet

  • 'Force Low Resolution' will now be toggled off by default.

Validating Hex Codes

    • Hex codes in 'Event theme' will now be validated upon submission.
    • Entering an invalid hex code will now show an error and not allow the color to be saved.
    • Also validated RGBA CSS values if transparency is needed.

    Updated the styling for enrollable on registration forms

    • They will now look like the enrollables page on the agenda item. It will show the following:
      -Agenda Title
      -Date and Time
      -Capacity and capacity indicator
      -It will have the enrollable styling and colors

        Bug Fixes

        Not able to edit imported schedule notifications

        • Fixed a bug that didn't allow admins to edit scheduled notifications that were imported.

        Directories changing from card view to list view

        • Fixed a bug where directories would change from card view to list view when the category order was changed.

        Not able to tag attendees in social stream posts

        • Fixed a bug that didn't allow attendees to tag other attendees on social stream post.

        Not able to upload photos on Participant Portal forms

        • Fixed a bug that didn't allow admins to upload avatar images on the Participant Portal registration forms.

        Importing 'View Enrolled' for enrollable agenda items

        • Fixed a bug that didn't allow enrollable items to be imported with the column 'view_enrolled'.

        Removing images on interactive maps

        • Fixed a bug that didn't allow admins to remove images when editing interactive maps.

        Attendance readers

        • Fixed a bug with attendance readers where it wasn't tracking who was scanned in and out.

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