Eventfinity Enhancements

April 28, 2022

New Features

Ability to add ‘Chapters’ to VODs

  • Chapters in VODs allow markers to be added to specific timestamps of a video,
    allowing attendees to jump to each specific chapter marker.
  • Chapters are set up in Dashboard and can be found on the side navigation.
    -Streaming > Video Configs > ‘+ Add Video Config’ > Top right ‘Create
    Chapters VTT File’
    -Chapters are indicated by seconds after the beginning of a video. To add
    chapters you need to know at what second of the video you want the
    chapter to start and end.
    -Once you add the chapters you will need to save the new file as a VTT
    and upload in the edit screen of that configuration.
  • On the attendee web, the chapter selection can be found towards the bottom
    right of the video player.


    Added video player provider to allow video assets anywhere JavaScript is used

    • This is an advanced feature that requires HTML and JS knowledge. We added the ability to add a video player that tracks analytics data to any of our pages that allow injected JavaScript components.
    • Code that is needed for this:
      <div id='mux-video-provider-container'><mux-video-providervideo-asset-id="[VIDEO_ASSET_ID_HERE]"></mux-video-provider></div><script>$(function() {new Vue({el: '#mux-video-provider-container'})})</script>

    Bug Fixes

    Error with multiple conditionals on a registration form

    • Fixed an error where if registration forms had too many conditionals it didn't always let you save the form.
      -The form would throw an error saying another admin has recently updated this form.

    Private ‘Homescreen’ blocks didn’t clone over to new events

    • When cloning an event, a homescreen block that was private didn’t clone correctly. The block would clone, but it was neither set to be private nor would it have the groups attached.

    Multi-select fields types options not able to be added to surveys

    • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow the options of multi-select attendee field types to be added to survey forms.

    Multi-select checkbox able to be used as required while nested in a conditional block

    • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow multi-select checkbox attendee fields to be a required field while that field was in a conditional field block.

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