Eventfinity Enhancements

December 2021

        New Features

        Web Access Domain notifies admins if someone else is editing

        • Admins will now be able to see if there is more than one admin working in the same web access domain.
        • If two or more admins are in the same web access domain, a message will appear on the top right near the notification bell.
        • Message will say ‘Admin name’ is also editing this page.

        Added the ability to edit saved searches

        • We added the ability to edit previously created saved searches.
        • You can now add new columns or parameters to an existing saved search instead of having to create a new one.
        • To edit the saved search you need to select the search, add what you need, then click the saved search button again. The name of the saved search will be in the text area next to the save icon. Click the save icon and your updates will be saved.

        Added the ability to override background and text color for system emails

        • You can now override the event colors for the auto generated emails (i.e. the Forgot Password email, Meeting Scheduler emails, and Social Stream emails).
        • This feature will be found in the ‘System Emails’ tab within the ‘Colors & Styles’ section of Dashboard.

        Added the ability to include enrollable agenda items in registration forms

        • We’ve added the ability to include enrollable sessions in registration forms.
        • When creating a form we have added a section titled ‘Enrollable Items’ under ‘Advanced Blocks’. Drag ‘Enrollable Items’ into your form. In the enrollable item block you can select the agenda items you want from the drop down.


        Legacy Theme Can No Longer Be Selected for New Events

        • Any newly created events, either by manual creation or by cloning, will automatically have the legacy theme turned off.
        • The legacy theme toggle in Dashboard under Event Settings has been removed.
        • Support for existing events using the legacy theme will continue to exist; however if these events are cloned, the newly cloned event will be converted to the new theme.

        Main Stage Agenda Cards 'See More' Link Update

        • For upcoming main stage agenda cards, the `See More` link now opens to show more upcoming agenda items cards on the main stage page instead of redirecting to the agenda page.

        Adding span classes around speakers first name, last name, and subtitles

        • We’ve added additional span classes around speaker names on the agenda pages and the main stages.
        • These span classes will allow for more styling options.

        Added a toggle for enabling Checkin App access

        • To use the Checkin App for your event, toggle on ‘Enable Checkin App Access’ from the Event Info page.

        New styling for Eventfinity emails

        • Emails with styling updates include: Password reset, Meeting Scheduler, Video Chat Request, and Photo Stream Posts.
        • These emails will automatically use the colors and logo set in the Dashboard of your event.
        • Photo Stream notification emails will contain the photo that was posted.

        Privatization for the Main Stage live counter

        • We now allow the main stage attendee live counter to only be seen by certain groups.
        • To turn on the attendee live counter follow these steps: In Dashboard go to Content > Main Stage > Create or Edit your main stage > On the bottom right side toggle on ‘Show Live Count’ under attendee presence > Toggle ‘Private?’ > Select the groups you want the live count visible for.

        Enrollable agenda items now pull to the Main Stage

        • Previously, enrolled sessions didn’t pull over to the Main Stage page but the parent agenda item did. The enrolled session will now pull over.

        Main Stage and Agenda Optimizations

        • We have made optimizations to both the Main Stages and Agenda pages.
        • This will help speed up load times.

        Ability to sort groups in Dashboard

        • We added the ability to sort groups on the groups page in Dashboard.
        • Sortable columns are ‘ID, Name, and Group type’.

        Updated Chat Roulette instructions on Dashboard

        • We made small changes to the instructions for setting up chat roulette rooms.
        • ‘Networking page landing content’ is now ‘Networking landing page’.
        • ‘Networking page instructions content’ is now ‘Networking landing page’
        • ‘Shuffle interval’ is now ‘Shuffle interval (Seconds)’.
        • ‘Time range’ is now ‘Start time’.

        Removed the ‘Speakers’ title on agenda items

        • We’ve added the ability to include custom titles for speakers when they’re listed on agenda items.
        • With the addition of the speaker section the legacy ‘Speakers’ title is no longer needed.
        • All speaker titles for the agendas are created in the agenda item. This section is found at the bottom right labeled ‘Speakers’ with a button ‘+ Add Section’.

        Event Overview reports will pull saved search columns

        • When exporting saved searches from the Event Overview page, the report will now pull the columns of that saved search.

        Added the ability to sort locations in Dashboard.

        • We added the ability to sort locations on the Locations page in Dashboard.
        • Sortable columns are ‘ID’ and ‘name’.

        Added the ability to import notification templates

        • We added a template notification type which can be imported to make notifications easier.
        • To import ‘Notification Template’, the data sheet will require to have the column ‘is_template’ and in the cells it will need to be ‘true’. Then select ‘Scheduled Notifications’ data import type. (For additional help you can download the template and read the instructions on the ‘Schedule Notifications Importer’ modal.)

        Added span classes around speaker subtitles and IDs

        • We’ve added additional span classes and ids around speaker subtitles on the agenda pages and the main stages.
        • These span classes will allow for more styling options.

        Added a highlight effect when hovering over active rows in Dashboard

        • All datatables in Dashboard will now have a light blue background when you hover over a row.
        • This effect will be seen on any pages that have tables. (Attendees, Agenda, Groups, Assets, etc…).

        Added the ability to include enrollable agenda items in registration forms

        • We’ve added the ability to include enrollable sessions in registration forms.
        • When creating a form we have added a section titled ‘Enrollable Items’ under ‘Advanced Blocks’. Drag ‘Enrollable Items’ into your form. In the enrollable item block you can select the agenda items you want from the drop down.

          Bug Fixes

          Multi-Select Fields in Attendee Edit on Dashboard

          • We addressed a bug regarding multi-select and multi-checkbox fields being set as blank for the initial update in Dashboard if the attendee record was created from a public registration form.

          Layout Issue on Agenda Page with Global Chat

          • We corrected a layout issue that would occur when the global chat draw was opened where the agenda header was being pushed to the left.

          HTML Bug With Missing Quote In Select Placeholder

          • We corrected a missing quote in the placeholder option for select drop-downs in forms.

          Fixed a spacing issue on Dashboard login page

          • There was a UI bug on the login page where the words ‘Your Email’ and ‘Enter Password’ were partially covered by the icons.

          Conditional blocks that have duplicate fields were saved as blank

          • If a form had multiple conditional field blocks with the same fields in each box, the fields that were duplicated would get saved as blank. Now the fields will be saved only from the conditional block that is selected on the form.

          Exporting avatars

          • There was a bug where the avatar wouldn’t export from certain events.

          Fixed CAPTCHA on registration forms

          • We’ve fixed a bug that didn’t allow CAPTCHA to be added to registration forms.

          Added a maximum file size of 16MB to avatar images on registration forms

          • We’ve fixed a bug with registration forms where large avatar images would break a form.To ensure this doesn’t happen moving forward, we are reducing the maximum file limit from 50MB to 16MB.

          Added the ability to scroll through saved searches

          • Fixed a bug with events that had a lot of saved searches. The saved searches would continue to the end of the page and all saved searches would not be visible. We have added the ability to scroll through the list of saved searches now.

          Resolved an issue with global presence duration times

          • If an event had multiple sessions in a row on the main stage, presence reporting would show the attendee being on the main stage for the entire time and not break it up per session.
          • The report will now break the presence report up per session instead of per main stage, ensuring that we can accurately report on how long attendees were in each session.

            Notification panel will now close when users click anywhere on the page

            • The notification panel used to only close when clicking the notifications panel again. Now the panel will close when the user clicks away from the panel elsewhere on the page.

            Fixed an issue with cloning an registration form that has conditional field blocks

            • We have fixed a bug when the user cloned an event with registration forms that contained conditional field blocks. The conditional field blocks didn’t appear for the attendee until the blocks were moved around.

            Fixed logo sizes when using automatic emails

            • We fixed an issue that if logo images were too large, the image would get stretched and pixelated.

            Fixed add to calendar links

            • We fixed an issue where the calendar links wouldn’t populate with the entire URL. This bug happens if the event is using short codes in your event like /main-stage/1890 instead of eventname.co/main-stage/1890.

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