Eventfinity Enhancements

February 16, 2022

        New Features

        Ability to import agenda images

        • We have added the ability to import agenda images to sessions. To import agenda images, follow the steps below:
          -Click on the ‘Agenda Image Imports’ item found on the Dashboard navigation under ‘Data Imports’
          -Update the `Agenda Image Identifier` field (found in the agenda edit page under the Advanced section) as the image name without the extension.
          -For example, if you wanted to link a file named `welcome_photo.png` to an agenda item, you would update that agenda item's agenda_image_import_id field to have the value of `welcome_photo` before importing the zip file.
        • When the agenda item data is set, create a flat zip file (i.e. no folders) of the images
          -Please be sure to only include images that are png, jpg or jpeg.
          -File size limit is 50mb.


        Added entered and exit time stamps back to presence reporting

        • The entered and exit time stamps were added back to all presence report exports.

        Reordered Dashboard side navigation

        • The dashboard navigation has been reordered for an improved experience.

        Bug Fixes

        Fixed a bug where all elements wouldn’t clone over for exhibitor directories

        • When cloning events, there was a bug where all of the elements of an exhibitor directory wouldn’t clone to the new event. This has been resolved.

        Updated ‘Forgot Password’ email

        • Words were being broken into two lines in the ‘Forgot Password’ email. This has been resolved.

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