Eventfinity Enhancements

February 02, 2022

        New Features

        Added a next button on dashboard for agenda items

        • We added a next button when editing agenda items on Dashboard to allow you to move through agenda items. The next button is located in the top right corner of the edit page.
        • The next button follows the order of the agenda items by date and time. If you use the search function on the agenda page, the next button will follow the order of the search.


        Added an admin alert when saving forms

        • There will now be an alert when saving forms that have two admins on the form at the same time. The first person to save the form will get approved but if the second admin is making changes at the same time they will get a red warning when they hit save, letting them know they need to refresh the page before being able to update.

        Added hover states to agenda items and question plugins

        • Now when you hover over agenda items on the agenda page or main stage, there will be a hover effect to show which item you are hovering over.
        • The hover effect was also added to questions plugins.

        Added the ability to use shortcodes & misc language strings in the CSS section of the WAD

        • You can now use shortcodes in the CSS section of the WAD.
        • Please note that these shortcodes will need to be double bracketed [] since single brackets are used in CSS selectors.

        Added the ability to create your own custom CSS classes

        • Admins are now able to create their own custom classes for the following sections: main stages; library’s; Question plugins; social streams; surveys; registration forms; and interactive maps.
        • Adding custom CSS classes allows for more customization to these plugins. The custom CSS classes can be found on each individual page.
        • New classes will be added to the body tags on the page.

        Added the ability to sort tags in Dashboard

        • We have added the ability to sort tags on the Tags management page in Dashboard.
        • Sortable columns are ‘ID’ and ‘name’.

        Added WebP and VTT file types to the asset uploader

        • We are now able to upload WebP files into our asset uploader.

        Block functionality in directories will be hidden by default

        • In directories, the three dots that allow users to block other users will be hidden by default.
        • To unhide the block feature, put this code in the wad; .event-attendee-actions {display: block !important; }

        Mobile navigation will be on the right side of the page

        • Updated mobile navigation to appear on the right side instead of the left. This will make it so the navigation will not cover the logo.
        • Note that this is for mobile web browsers and not the native mobile app.

        Bug Fixes

        Added a maximum height and overflow to dropdown fields

        • Dropdown fields such as ‘Country’ and ‘State’ could see an overflow issue where you were not able to scroll through the list.
        • We added a maximum height so the dropdown will not expand too far and an overflow to always allow you to scroll through all of the selections.

        Registration form IDs are now updated in shortcode when the event is cloned

        • Registration forms that had shortcodes were not pulling over with cloned events. Previously the shortcode would pull over exactly how it was written, but now the ID will update to the new form ID.

        Subset of attendees will now clone instead of all attendees

        • There was a bug when cloning attendees from one event to another. Previously you could only clone all attendees but now you can clone subset attendees by attendee type.

        Dropdowns on top navigation will auto-collapse close when clicking elsewhere

        • There was a bug when opening dropdowns on the top navigation. The dropdowns were not closing automatically when you clicked off of the tab. This now will act as expected and close when the user clicks another dropdown.

        Certain time zone abbreviations didn’t appear on the agenda display

        • We have updated a few time zones to display the correct abbreviations.

        Number type input fields were allowing negative numbers

        • Number type fields such as shuffle interval and the number of rooms with networking suites were allowing negative numbers.
        • We have updated these fields to not allow negative numbers.

        “Ask Anonymous” toggle on Q&A was still showing attendee names

        • Fixed a bug where the anonymous toggle wasn’t showing attendees as anonymous.

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