Eventfinity Enhancements

February 09, 2022

        New Features

        Added social media icons to Global Chat

        • If attendees fill out their social media fields with the respective links, the icons will appear next to their names on the attendee list in Global Chat. It must be a full link to work (i.e. https://www.facebook.com/user-handle).
        • Social icons will link directly to the attendee’s social media pages.

        Added the ability to add custom fields to ‘Presence Reporting’

        • We have added a new section to our ‘Presence Reporting’ that allows adding any custom fields to the exports. This new dropdown is labeled ‘Attendee Fields’ and is located under the ‘Event Plugins’ dropdown.

        Added agenda bookmarking into speaker directories

        • Agenda items that show up in speaker directories can now be bookmarked and saved to the attendee’s agenda. This will allow attendees to go through the speakers they are interested in hearing, see their agenda items, and bookmark it so it’s saved on their personal agenda.


        Custom sort orders in attendee directories

        • We have added a new custom field called ‘Custom Sort Order’ in Dashboard.
        • To create a custom sort order, you need to assign a numerical value in the attendee’s custom sort order field for the order you want the attendees to show in the directory.
        • If the field is filled out, it will overwrite the default sort order of a directory.

        Ability to clone Interactive Maps

        • Admins can now clone ‘Interactive Maps’ when cloning an event.

        Ability to clone Networking Suites

        • Admins can now clone networking suites when cloning an event.

        Events created more than a year ago will no longer be able to clone

        • Admins will no longer be able to clone events that were created over a year ago.
        • If an event needs to be cloned for more than a year, toggle on the ‘Is a Template’ toggle under ‘Event Info’.
        • Events marked as templates are not confined to the cloning limit of 1 year.
        • Events that are over the year mark and were not toggled as a template can be cloned by super admins.

        Bug Fixes

        Resolved director controls not bringing attendees directly to the podium

        • We fixed a bug with speaker layout and director controls. Director controls were inconsistent in bringing attendees to the podium or stage.
        • This issue was only for the speaker layout with ‘Watch Party’ toggled on.

        Cloning an event would bring over “attendee logged” in data

        • When cloning an event with attendees, the ‘first_logged_in’ and ‘last_logged_in’ fields would clone over attendee’s data for the original event.

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