Eventfinity Enhancements

February 23, 2022

New Features

Global chat admins can pin messages in a chat

  • Global chat admins can now pin messages to the top of a chat. This feature is useful for chat welcome messages or announcements.
  • To pin a message, the admin needs to click the message they would like to pin, click the three dots, and then click the pin icon.
  • To remove the pin message, the admin needs to click the blue pin icon on the message at the top and then click ‘Yes, Unpin’.

Added the ability to unpublish notifications

  • Added the ability to hide/unpublish notifications from attendees after they are sent.
  • There is now a ‘Publish’ icon on the notification page that allows admins to hide old notifications.
  • Unpublished notifications will still appear in Dashboard and can still be exported.

Added the ability to add asset and plugin short tags to emailer

  • Assets and plugins that are on Dashboard can now be added to the emailer using short tag functions. For example:




Agenda images importer is now accessible via side navigation

  • The new ‘Agenda Images Importer’ can be found on the dashboard side navigation under ‘Data Imports’.

    Security enhancements to global chat

    • Clicking on a link in the global chat will show a warning message if the link takes them outside of Eventfinity.

    Image preview on registration forms

    • In registration forms, if a user has an avatar image uploaded, it now shows a preview of that image when the user comes back to edit the form

      Added “Event Contact Name” and “Contact Email”

      • We’ve added new fields for “Contact Name” and “Contact Email” in the “Event Info” section.

      Dashboard UI updates

      • We’ve added default text in the attendee upload page when that page is empty.
      • The “Request to Chat” ‘Close’ button is no longer transparent and is the inverse of ‘Send Request’.

      Duplicate Main Stages

      • We’ve added the ability to copy a main stage from the list view.

      Security enhancements for the event login page

      • We’ve added security enhancements for the event login page.

      Security enhancements for organizational admins

      • We’ve added security enhancements for organizational admins.

      Bug Fixes

      Bug fix for validation and CAPTCHA

      • Bug fix in registration forms regarding validation and CAPTCHA

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