Eventfinity Enhancements

January 2022

        New Features

        Added event attendee fields to Datadog exports

        • Admins can now append attendee fields to reports in DataDog.


        Agenda items will show as headers in presence reporting

        • In presence reporting, if a specific agenda item is not selected, the report will automatically return the results of all agenda items.

        Attendee overview page will now show the name of the saved search

        • In the Attendee overview page, if a saved search is selected, the text of the button will change to the name of the saved search. This will more clearly indicate if a saved search is currently active on the overview page.

        Optimized search queries within directories

        • The search query has been significantly optimized for directories that do not have categories enabled. New search queries can now handle 10,000+ attendees in a directory.
        • Please note that directories that make use of categories will not benefit from this update and are still limited to a smaller group of attendees.

        Optimized directory attendee detail pages

        • The attendee directory has been optimized so that if an attendee is listed as a speaker for a session or sessions, it will show a list of those sessions.

        Added “Entrance Timestamp” and “Exit Timestamp” columns to presence reporting

        • We previously removed the “Entrance Timestamp” and “Exit Timestamp” columns from presence reporting in an effort to streamline the included information. However, based on feedback from Eventfinity users, we’ve added them back to presence reports.

        Added attendee field names as a css class

        • We’ve added attendee field names as a CSS class to the container of their respective form elements in registration forms.

        Bug Fixes

        Fixed a bug when cloning registration forms with review pages

        • Review pages weren’t pulling over the review fields from a cloned registration form. Review pages in forms now copy over correctly when a form is cloned.

        Fixed a bug with visible HTML in the ‘Web Access Domain’ presence channel

        • This bug appeared when three or more admins were in the same web access domain.
        • When hovering over the names the admins would see HTML in between the names.

        Fixed a bug where presence reporting couldn’t span across days

        • If an agenda item spanned across multiple days (i.e. starting at 11:30pm and ending at 12:30am) the presence report would not export.

        Fixed a bug where presence reports wouldn’t export non-English characters

        • If attendees had non-English characters in their details (ie. Korean, Chinese or other languages), the characters were exported as question marks.

        Fixed a bug where conditional fields wouldn’t work in surveys

        • When building a survey, conditional blocks wouldn’t trigger based on user interactions like it would for registration forms. This has been resolved so surveys have the same functionality as registration forms.

        Logos in automatic emails were too large (Outlook)

        • Logos were appearing too large in our automatic email responses (i.e. forgot password, scheduled invites, and social stream emails). This has been resolved.

        Cloning an event with dynamic groups wouldn’t populate the group

        • Cloning an event with dynamic groups wouldn’t populate the groups with attendees. This has been resolved.

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