Eventfinity Enhancements

July 2021

        New Features

        Main Stage attendee presence report

        • Works only in Non-legacy theme


        • Added support for Translator Room functionality in VMeet rooms that also have Green Room enabled
        • Added a toggle in Event Info that will allow the Global Chat drawer to push content to the left upon expansion instead of overlaying on top of the page’s content.
        • Updated the color assignments and button placement of Networking Suite cards
        • Add in asset and plugin short codes for legacy mobile views
        • Ability to import and export groups
        • Updated the Speed Networking instructions
        • Adding categories and featured attendees to normal directories
        • In form builder, add in file size limit setting for asset uploader fields
        • Chat tab color will be used by the secondary theme color
        • Ability to hide or change side or top navigation's fa-icons
        • Update the UI of the Admin Management Edit Pages
        • Speed networking optimization
        • Optimized badging and checkin
        • Featured attendees are available when categories are toggled on. (Non-legacy only)
        • Featured attendees and categories have been optimized for non-legacy mode. You may see discrepancies with legacy mode.

          Bug Fixes

          • Fixed a bug with the the input field of Global Chat not resetting to default size after sending an extremely long message
          • Limited the VMeet Name length to 50 characters when creating a new VMeet Room through the dashboard/location/create route; solving a 500 Error
          • Fixed a bug causing the Password reset page to throw an error
          • Fixed a route error on the Checkin App
          • Fixed an issue with reordering categories with custom fields
          • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t import a custom text field
          • Fixed an issue where the space bar wouldn’t mute your microphone inside the greenroom
          • Fixed an issue with navigation items when dropdowns would stay open unless you clicked the dropdown again
          • Fixed an issue with downloading scan reports if the query is too large
          • Fixed an issue where date didn’t show up on agenda items under the main stage
          • Fixed an issue with booth builder forms not going to the next tab correctly
          • Fixed the issue with social stream where admin couldn’t approve posts
          • Fixed an issue where fav icons weren’t showing in the app
          • Fixed an issue where directories sub-headers wouldn’t show if the field started with a numerical value
          • Fixed an issue where attendee weren’t able to enroll in an enrollable agenda item through directories
          • Reordering categories in exhibitor directories
          • Agenda images will now clone over when an event is cloned
          • Agenda library plugins will now clone over when an event is cloned
          • Enrollable navigation will now clone over when an event is cloned
          • Fixed a bug where multiple conditional fields could show custom fields twice

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