Eventfinity Enhancements

June 2021

New Features

  • Added the ability to send a Direct Message directly from a user’s message within a chat room; utilizing a vertical ellipsis menu
  • Added the ability to block attendees (preventing them from messaging you directly) within the Direct Message window, Attendee Profile page, and Directory List page utilizing a vertical ellipsis menu


      • Added Search bar to the Attendee List of VMeet rooms; allowing the ability to filter the list for a specific Attendee
      • Added an “Online” column to the Attendee List page. The “Global Presence” channel toggle must be enabled on the Event Overview page for this feature to work properly.
      • Social fields (Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, and Facebook) are now available on Attendee Profile pages
      • Resource Links are now available on Attendee Profile pages
      • On registration forms, the most recent attendee file uploaded will display within that asset block
      • The “Add to Calendar” link on Agenda Items has been added to Scheduled Meetings
      • “Add to Calendar” functionality can also be imported using the Advanced Agenda Import
      • Attendee Fields that are specific to the Exhibitor Attendee Type are available on Registration Forms
      • Added file-size limit text to the Asset Uploader field within the Form Builder. The size will default to 50MB (the maximum file-size), but can be lowered to either 10 or 25MB
      • Added the ability to move Custom Attendee Fields to default Attendee Field sections

        Bug Fixes

        • Fixed an issue causing special characters within the short description to break the calendar invite within Google Calendar
        • Fixed a bug with the Request to Chat button on Attendee Profiles linking to the incorrect modal
        • Fixed various Route errors around the site
        • Fixed an issue causing multiple locations to appear when the Attendee was only a member of one private location
        • Fixed an issue with the Export Results link not working for VMeet Rooms
        • Fixed an issue causing Groups not to appear on the Groups tab of the Attendee Detail page
        • VMeet Rooms that are marked as inactive are now correctly inaccessible through an Agenda Item link
        • Fixed an issue causing debug info to appear on screen during page-load
        • Fixed an issue causing duplicate video feeds to appear when users navigate between the Virtual Green Room and Podium
        • Fixed a bug causing Meeting Scheduler Links not to work properly on the Desktop Outlook App
        • Fixed a visual bug with the “Online Now” indicator displaying incorrectly within the Attendee Directory
        • Fixed a bug causing Attendees not to appear within the VMeet Attendee List
        • Fixed an issue causing the Survey Plugin on Main Stage to display the dropdown field option twice

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