Eventfinity Enhancements

March 03, 2022

New Features

Stream Conductor

  • The Stream Conductor feature is our new broadcasting tool that allows you to attach and manage assets from different sources within a live stream in real time. With this feature, you can:
    -Create live streams on the fly
    -Queue assets and live stream sources
    -Attach a chat to the live stream page
  • This feature also adds the ability to attach a chat per live stream instead of using a single global chat for all live streams.

Breakout Rooms

  • The new Breakout Room feature allows breakout rooms in vMeet to be pre-assigned before the event starts or created and assigned while the vMeet is live.
  • The Breakout Room feature is set using a toggle on the vMeet edit page in Dashboard. There is a new tab labeled ‘Breakout Rooms’. Under this tab you can create your breakout rooms and assign attendees to rooms before the show goes live.
  • To create breakout rooms while the vMeet is live, ensure that the ‘Assign Breakout Rooms’ checkbox is checked.


    Form/Survey analytics page now takes custom CSS/JS

    • Added the ability to add CSS and JS to the analytics page for surveys. You can now add hex codes for charts that are tied to surveys.
    • When editing a survey in Dashboard, navigate to the ‘Results Display’ window. The ‘Analytics Header’ and ‘Analytics Footer’ sections at the bottom of the page are where you can enter custom CSS.

      Dashboard UI updates

      • Added the event name to ‘Add to Calendar’ email.
      • Dashboard will no longer allow agenda tags to have the same name.
      • ‘Read all Notifications’ on the Dashboard notification bell now marks all notifications as read.

        Bug Fixes

        Custom sort order

        • The new custom sort order was reverting to alphabetical order. The bug is fixed and respects the numbering system for the custom sort order field again.

        Registration form error message

        • When creating a new registration form, there were instances when a red error would appear when adding your first attendee field to the form. That error will no longer appear.

        Video on demand reporting error

        • Fixed a bug with downloading reports from the video assets on VODs

        Localization error with registration confirmation message

        • Localization for registration forms wasn’t pulling over for the confirmation page when forms were completed. This has been resolved.

        Timezones for custom fields were pulling incorrect times

        • Fixed a bug where the datetime submission did not reflect the event timezone.

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