Eventfinity Enhancements

March 10, 2022

New Features

Non-homescreen events can now redirect to a single plugin

  • If an event doesn’t have a homescreen and uses ‘Login’ Domain Access type, they can redirect attendees to a single plugin.


Cvent importers added for grabbing only new attendees

  • Added a new toggle that will only pull attendees who were updated since the last import and not pull all attendees every time.
  • The new toggle is on the third party importer when you select either Cvent SOAP or REST.

    Added short tag column on ‘Assets’ page

    • Added a short tag column that admins can copy to more easily bring those assets into other areas.
    • Clicking the short tag will automatically copy the short tag to the clipboard.

    Mobile app updates

    • CSS updates / Moved social stream out of an iframe
    • Updated enrollable endpoints
    • Updated bookmark endpoints

    New short tag []

    • New short tags []  that will grab the Event URL that is toggled on as default. If no default is set, the string will not be replaced.

      Bug Fixes

      Updated the max height for breakout rooms

      • We updated the maximum height to accommodate smaller screens when using the breakout feature.

      Video plugin page was not sorting correctly

      • Fixed a bug where videos on the video plugin page were not sorting on the attendee web.

      Presentables on Stream Conductor failing

      • Fixed a bug when adding presentables on Stream Conductor would fail and not allow the presentables to attach.

      Multi-checkboxes causing load errors

      • Forms that had custom multi-checkboxes would throw an error on initial load after the field was filled out.

      ‘Update Group’ button removed attendees in a normal group

      • Fixed a bug with creating new ‘Normal Groups’.
      • When creating a new ‘Normal Group’ there was a bug when clicking update group. When you clicked update group attendees would be removed from the group.

      Updated ‘Reset Password’ page

      • Updated the styling for the ‘Reset Password’ page.

      Enrollable items caching for mobile users

      • Fixed a bug where the datetime submission did not reflect the event timezone.

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