Eventfinity Enhancements

March 24, 2022

New Features

Visible toggle for notifications

  • We've added a feature that allows admins to hide notifications on attendee web while keeping them listed in Dashboard.
  • This will help clear outdated notifications for attendees but keep them on Dashboard for reporting.

Confirmation fields

  • A new confirmation checkbox will appear on any text fields when creating a registration form.
  • This field is useful to confirm emails while attendees fill out their forms.
  • The confirmation field will appear directly under the field you are confirming.
  • The confirmation field will have to match exactly and will not allow submission of the form if it is blank or does not match.


Can now add event ID shortcode everywhere you can use short codes

  • We can now add the event ID shortcode in areas such as:
    -Homescreen blocks
    -Web access domains
    -Agenda descriptions 
  • The shortcode for event ID is [[event_id]].

    Updated event toggles to default to be toggled on

    • Two event toggles will now default to on when creating a new event:
      -Enable Global Chat
      -Presence Reporting

    Updated the password landing page

    • We've updated the styling of the ‘Change Password’ page.

    Cloning agenda plugin filters

    • Agenda plugin filters will now clone over when you clone an event.
    • To clone agenda plugin filters, you will need to clone the agenda.
    • This is done on cloning events.

    Dashboard UI updates

    • Moved the ‘Per page’ drop-down to the bottom of the following pages:
      -Plugin filters
      -Registration forms
      -Global Chat

      Bug Fixes

      Exhibitor directories that had categories didn’t follow default sort order

      • Exhibitor directories that had categories toggled on didn’t follow the default sort order in the category. This has been resolved.

      Fixed ‘Update Email’ button in emailer

      • Fixed a bug addressing the top right ‘Update Email’ button in emails. Now when you click ‘Update Email’ it will save the email.

      Can now remove subheaders in directories

      • Previously if you had a subheader attached to a directory, you couldn’t unselect it. There is now a ‘None’ option at the top of the drop down.

      Custom field type ‘Link’ can now be imported

      • The custom field type ‘Link’ wasn’t being recognized on the attendee field importer. This has been fixed.

      Fixed ‘Jump to Next Session’ on agenda pages

      • ‘Jump to Next Session’ button is now fixed on agenda pages. As long as there is a future session the ‘Jump to Next Session’ will scroll down to the next session.

      Deleting fields from registration forms needed a refresh to delete

      • Deleting fields on a registration form will no longer need a refresh for the field to delete.

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