Eventfinity Enhancements

March 30, 2022

New Features


  • Triggers is a feature meant to allow for advanced interactions within events. It uses web sockets to broadcast a custom JSON object to a javascript callback function that is available throughout the entire event website. This requires someone knowledgeable in Javascript to set up. Once set up, there is a simple dashboard page where the event director can push the triggers to the event when needed.
  • An example use case for this would be if someone wanted to trigger a redirect to another page when a mainstage is over. The Javascript developer would set up the trigger with the JSON needed, and then custom Javascript to do the redirect. Then in the triggers dashboard, when the event director is ready to redirect everyone on the page they would hit the button to push out the trigger.
  • Triggers are not intended to work on our mobile apps. This feature is currently only for event websites.

vMeet Voice Indicators

  • vMeet voice indicators are back! Now when an attendee speaks in a vMeet room there will be a blue sound bar over the person’s video window to indicate who is speaking.


Updated the default submit message on registration forms

  • The new default message for submitting registration forms is now "Thank you. You have successfully registered for the event."
  • This can still be edited to your preference.

    Updated load times for simple and advanced forms in form builder

    • We have made an update that will now have simple and advanced form templates load much faster when selected.
    • Previously, when selecting these templates, the form would need a refresh to see the fields.

    Added ‘Back to Top’ function on agenda pages

    • Long agenda pages will now have a ‘Back to Top’ button pop up when you start scrolling down the agenda page.

    Cloning agenda plugin filters

    • Moved the ‘Per page’ drop-down to the bottom of the following pages:
      Libraries, Main Stages, Live Streams, Emailer, Push Notifications, Assets, VODs, vMeets, Speed Networking, Network Suites, Surveys and Polls, and Live Questions.
    • Consolidated the toggles in ‘Event Info’ to be one section and not three.
    • Organization drop down now appears on the right side of the screen when you are cloning events. This is an easier indicator for what organization you want your cloned event to be under.
    • Removed ‘Add Favicon’ and ‘Add Header Logo’ from being in ‘Advanced’ in event urls to being below the ‘Set Page URL’ for easier access.

    Bug Fixes

    Removed the shadow on the hero image

    • When using a hero image on home screen builder, the hero image had a shadow show. We removed the shadow effect.

    Fixed the coloring of ‘Logout’ on Dashboard

    • The logout button on Dashboard was a different color than all of the other buttons. It will now match the other buttons in the drop down.

    HTML home screen blocks weren’t able to make private

    • Fixed a bug where HTML blocks on the home screen were not able to be made private.

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