Eventfinity Enhancements

May 4, 2022


Links in chat will give attendees an option / warning on leaving Eventfinity

  • When attendees click on links sent in global chat they will be redirected to a page that lets the attendee know they are leaving, and gives them the option to go forward.

AJAX toggle and Allow Embed toggles are now available for other domain types

  • In event URLs we will now see ‘Set Access Origin * (May be required for some AJAX), and ‘Allow Wad to be Embedded in Iframe Anywhere’.
  • This was only available for ‘Event app website’ domain type but is now available for all domain types except ‘Redirect’.

Agenda speaker section titles will show on agenda more details page

  • Updated the ‘agenda more detail’ pages to allow the speaker section titles to appear like they do on the agenda item. It will have the same titles and order as the main agenda page.

System item, cannot be moved from this section’, was removed from 'Homescreen Builder'

  • The text *System item, cannot be moved from this section, was removed from the homescreen builder. This text was located on the ‘Home’ item.

Updated UI for registration forms

  • Made the ‘Add a file’ button the same size as ‘User Avatar’ button.
  • Fixed sides and top margins.
  • Fixed the alignment of ‘Description’ text.

Added the ability to allow event info fields to pull into any HTML sections

  • Event info fields can now be added with shortcode in any HTML section.
  • Examples; [event_name] and [event_start_date] can be added to libraries, and homescreen builders

Added in localization support for event footer

  • The footer field and the footer confirm and deny button text in event settings can now be localized via Event Info > Event Details tab in the localization section of dashboard.

Third party integration fields to be password fields only for Admins

  • Made third party integration fields to be password fields and only allow super admins to view it.

Bug Fixes

Advanced agenda import / Review page

  • Fixed a bug where the review page on advanced agenda imports would show up blank before approving.

‘Cancel’ when pinning messages was the incorrect color

  • Fixed a bug where ‘Cancel’ when pinning a message in global chat would be a white on white box. We fixed the color so ‘Cancel’ will take on the theme color.

Filtering multi-select fields wasn’t working in directories

  • Fixed a bug where multi-select fields would not filter in attendee directories.

Plugin shortcodes for legacy apps is returning incorrect url

  • Fixed a bug when using plugin shortcodes for registration forms. When attendees clicked the plugin, it would return an incorrect url.

Deleting all tabs on a form stopped you from adding additional tabs

  • Fixed a bug when creating registration forms. If a user deleted all of the registration form tabs then it didn’t let the user add tabs back in.

Add to calendar button not working with Outlook

  • Fixed a bug where add to calendar file for Outlook had no file extension and wasn’t able to add the item to the calendar.

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