Eventfinity Enhancements

November 2021

        New Features

        Agenda ID field

        • This new field in agenda data allows us to create a custom agenda ID that we can manipulate and change
        • This will help with tracking agenda items when an event requires use of specific ID’s for the agenda items
        • ID’s will not show on the frontend of the site

        Export All Notifications

        • Export all the notifications so that reports can be collected post event demonstrating how and when notifications were sent out to attendees
        • Export includes these fields - ‘Name’ ‘Notification type’ ‘Message Title’ ‘Message Text’ ‘Send Date’ ‘Send time’ and ‘Send ids’
        • The export button will be found at the top right of the notification page

        Dashboard Event Overview Page/Analytics

        • The event overview page on Dashboard will now have a filter that allows the users to see certain analytics on the overview page.
        • Users will now be able to filter the overview by date and time along with saved reports that are created on the attendee list page.
        • This new feature allows quick up to the minute reporting without leaving the overview page.


        Timezone Dropdown

        • The dropdown for event timezone has changed from alphabetical order to geographical order of timezone
        • The dropdown now starts at +14 hours from GMT and goes to -11 hours from GMT.

        Form Builder Tabs

        • New top navigation tab titles in the Form Builder
        • Previous tabs labeled as ‘Settings’ and ‘Fields’ are now called ‘Form Details’ and ‘Form Builder’

        Cvent Rest API integration updates

        • Fixed an issue with custom field pagination
        • Added registration question support for Cvent importer

        Dashboard homepage search bar

        • The search bar on the dashboard homepage has moved from the left side to more of the middle/right. It is now next to ‘Grid View’
        • The search bar now has an outlined box that will always show whether or not you are clicked into it.
        • The previous search only showed the line when you had it selected. This makes it more visible.

        Standardizing enrollable pages

        • Previously if you entered enrollable items through the parent agenda item you would see one set of fields. You would see another set of fields when you entered the enrollable items through the enrollable side navigation
        • All available fields will now show no matter which way you access enrollable items

        Notifications/Shorthand code for custom fields

        • Notifications will now allow shorthand code for custom attendee fields.
        • Notifications used to only allow our global fields to pull into the notification text but now it can pull all attendee fields that are created in dashboard.

        Default Password/Save button

        • We added a save button for when the event has a ‘Default Password’.
        • Default password used to save automatically when you clicked out but caused confusion so the save button was added to help any confusion.
        • Default password can be found in dashboard. Side navigation> Attendees> Attendee Settings> Settings> Enable Default password

        CSS Classes added for Tags on the Agenda page

        • We added additional css classes for ‘Tags’ on the agenda page.
        • Adding this class allows for more customization with ‘Tags’.
        • The new class will look like “agenda__item-tag-TAG-NAME-HERE”.

        Notification Template/Placeholder

        • We added a toggle in notifications that allows you to create notifications, save, and come back later to send.
        • Previously notifications had to be ‘Send Immediately’ or ‘Scheduled’. Now notifications can be created and edited at a later date.
        • The new toggle can be found when creating a new notification. It can be found right under ‘Schedule Notifications’ called ‘Save As Template’.


        • We updated our Photostream to allow for searching by either the attendee name or the caption of the photo.

        Custom Field Import Instructions

        • In dashboard we’ve updated the Custom field importer instructions to make sure it had all the required information for importing.

         Global Presence Optimization

        • We have made more updates on tracking attendees when idling on a page.
        • If an Attendee is sitting on a Main Stage before it kicks off and remains on the page once it’s live they will show on the report.

        Cloning Web Access Domains

        • When cloning an event you can now select ‘Web Access Domain’ as an option to clone.
        • When the web access domain is cloned everything involved clones over. The url will clone as the same url but with the event id at the end. This can be changed in the web access domain.

        Agenda Third Party Identifier Shows on the Agenda Dashboard Page

        • The new Agenda third party identifier will now show on the agenda dashboard page.
        • The column can be found all the way on the right side and is called ‘Identifier’
        •  This field is also searchable in dashboard.

        Enrollables/Export Attendee Time Slots

        • Previously, all attendees were pulled when exporting attendee time slots. It will now only pull attendees who have registered for a session
        • Exporting attendee time slots for enrollable sessions is found in ‘Enrollable Items’ under export.

          Bug Fixes

          Mainstage speakers / directories

          • Addressed an issue when clicking on speakers on the mainstage it didn’t take you to their profile in the directory

          Partner Portal optimization

          • Corrected bugs that took out some of the basic functionality of how the Partner Portal works
          • Search, inline edit, and batch update have all been restored

          Collapsible side navigation

          • Squashed a bug where the side navigation wasn’t able to collapse on the frontend.

          Mainstage speakers / directories

          • Addressed an issue when clicking on speakers on the mainstage it didn’t take you to their profile in the directory

          Form Builder Template/Advanced

          • The ‘Advanced’ template in form builder would take too much time to load. Optimizations were made so the ‘Advanced’ form will load much faster when selected

          Speed Networking

          • Optimized ‘Speed Networking’ to ensure attendees are sent to the correct assigned room when new rounds start

          Partner Portal Optimizations

          • Fixed a bug when certain css was used the functionality of the logout button was gone
          • Certain timezone enums were causing issues with loading the portal
          • Bootstrap/Dropdown fields wouldn’t always save when selected

          Chat Affecting Headers

          • There was a bug when chat was open and closed it could affect the headers on the page. Headers would be cut off and not go back to normal

          Tags Appearing in Dashboard

          • When adding tags to an agenda item and then removing them sometimes caused a bug where the tag would still show in Dashboard.

          Mobile App/Time Release documents

          • The time release function for assets in a library wasn’t releasing the asset at the saved time
          • Library dropdown positioning fix so the first item in the dropdown is not hidden. This fix is only for Legacy App libraries

            Mainstage speakers / directories

            • Addressed an issue when clicking on speakers on the mainstage it didn’t take you to their profile in the directory

            Hot Fixes

            Multi-tab Registration Forms

            • Created a hotfix for a bug where the next button wasn’t clickable due to a custom script in the form.

            Vmeet 2.0

             Attendee List/Manage Stage

            • We added 4 groups to the attendee list inside the vMeet. The groups are Podium, Gallery, Backstage, and Audience. This will make it easier to tell which attendee is where.
            • Along with the groups we also added checkmarks next to each person’s name to allow bulk moving of attendees.

            Tags Appearing on Dashboard

            • There was a bug where tags would be seen in dashboard on the agenda page although they were not selected. This has no front facing effect but was addressed on dashboard.

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