Eventfinity Enhancements

October 2021

        New Features

        • Vmeet 2.0 open beta; This is experimental and turned off by default. If you want more information please reach out to your main contact
        • Linked attendees
        • Bulk Delete (Dashboard)
        • Cloning agenda items
        • Admins can block access of attendees by marking them Denied
        • Presence reporting for networking plugins
        • Added booth builder form in form builder
        • Favoriting was added to the agenda page
        • Favoriting can now be filtered on the agenda page


        • Allowing notification visibility duration to be set as a setting
        • Added unique ID’s to enrollable items
        • Agenda plugin colors are now the secondary color
        • Ability to download images from dashboard (Login Background, Event icon, Main event logo, ect.)

          Bug Fixes

          • Fixed bug with localization
          • Fixed bug with conditional dropdown fields
          • Global chat box height resetting
          • Starred tab for questions previewer
          • Clicking speakers from the main stage will now go to the directory
          • Speaker sections and sort order pulling over to the agenda under main stage

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