Eventfinity Enhancements

September 2021

        New Features

        • Added the ability to search agenda items by attached speakers.
        • Added in bookmarking/favoriting function for Main Stage and Homescreen agenda cards.
        • Added live questions plugin to presence reporting
        • Added ‘Mute All Except Podium’ button in vMeet
        • Admins will now receive emails when they are added to a new event in dashboard
        • Uploading iCal (.ics) files as a material
        • Mainstage is now able to show a live count of attendees on the page. The event needs to have Presence reporting turned on and the live count toggled on under Main Stage.
        • Dynamic groups can now be added as admin for chat.
        • Improved security with photostream uploads.


        • When sending an email the checkbox says "Do Not Send To Attendees Who Have Already Received this Email." will automatically be checked now. If you want to send the email to attendees who have already received it, you will need to uncheck the checkbox
        • Added padding between settings menu and top navigation
        • Mobile app legacy updates
        • On dashboard when making an event inactive there will now be a confirmation modal to confirm this action
        • Column headers will now stick when you scroll on attendee searches
        • Updating the instructions on the group importer to make it more clear of fields you need
        • Mobile app legacy updates
        • Points groups leaderboard
        • Email status will now export from the email log
        • Optimizing push notifications
        • In registration forms, adding additional options for fields like drop downs, checkbox, and radio can only be done in attendee field settings. (Polls and surveys will remain the same and you will be able to add options.)
        • Updated attendee importer instructions.

          Bug Fixes

          • Fixed a bug where the chat notification didn't always show when new global chats were sent.
          • Fixed color settings regarding both attendee and exhibitor directories.
          • Fixed an issue where the next attendee button when in an attendee record wasn't clickable.
          • Fixed a bug that affected drop downs on "Login Registration Forms".
          • Fixed a bug where downloading surveys with html exported special characters.
          • Fixed a query issue involving presence reporting with the main stage.
          • Fixed a json_decode error that wouldn’t allow you to enter certain exhibitor booths.
          • Fixed an issue when creating an organization in dashboard it would take you to a blank white screen.
          • Fixed an issue with navigation menu items not being correctly aligned.
          • Fixed an issue with sorting in exhibitor directories.
          • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow special character in attendee imports.
          • Fixed a bug where a special character in the name wouldn’t allow the attendee to show up in exhibitor directories.
          • Fixed a bug when using a small screen some of the attendee tabs on the attendee edit page would get cut off.
          • Fixed a bug where the login page wasn’t always centered.
          • Fixed a bug where the login page wasn’t always centered.
          • Fixed a bug where the chat notification didn't always show when new global chats were sent.

          Hot Fixes

          • Global Chat optimizations
          • Q&A bug fixes

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