Eventfinity Enhancements

March 24, 2021

New Features

Custom Field Export

  • Added the ability to export Custom Fields through the Attendee Fields Tab of Attendee Settings

Real-time Main Stage Updating

  • The Main Stage Agenda Cards will update live without requiring a refresh from the Attendee. The “Live Now” indicator will update as the day progresses; allowing Attendees to remain on the Main Stage page for multiple sessions.

Sendgrid Email Status

  • Added Status Column to the Email Logs page; removing the need to login to Sendgrid to determine high level status


  • Added Multi-Select Fields to both the Dashboard and Web (Event-site) Directory search/filtering
  • Added Multi-Select Fields to Exhibitor Directory grouping and searching
  • Added Multi-Select Fields to review blocks of Forms
  • The location within the Add to Calendar feature will link directly to the VMeet or custom URL location attached to the Agenda Item
  • Updates to Agenda Localization Strings (“Jump to current session”, “Search”, “Clear all”)
  • Updates to Attendee Directories Localization Strings (“Speaker” text on Attendee Profile pages, “Request to Video Chat”, Filter header, “Clear all”)
  • Removed the Microsoft Edge Warning Popup; to be potentially re-added for the older non-Chromium based version of Edge
  • Added tooltips to Dashboard for events that have been added to the Deleted Tab
  • The Agenda Search will now look for the full word that Attendees enter into the search bar

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with saved reports not showing values in the search fields
  • Fixed a bug that caused Agenda Edit pages to timeout if a Group was too large
  • Fixed a bug with Registration Forms not submitting properly in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a bug causing Navigation Private Items to lose their group targeting when cloned
  • Fixed a bug causing Enrollable Slots on Enrollable Agenda Items not to carry over when cloned
  • Fixed a bug where unnecessary spaces were appearing in Forms; caused by rogue apostrophes
  • Fixed a bug causing Surveys to not render correctly within the native Mobile App
  • Fixed a bug with Dashboard List View pagination
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the invite list for Breakout Rooms to clear when a user exits the room

Hot Fixes (Already Live)

  • Refactor of Event Overview Page to help reduce load times
  • Cvent imports won’t fail if ProductID field is empty

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