Eventfinity Enhancements

April 2021

New Features

Speed Networking (Open BETA)

  • This new feature has been added to Dashboard within Agenda > Networking. Admin Users can establish the number of rooms, ideal number of attendees per room, number of rounds, and the length of each round. Admin users can also observe the room counts within the Dashboard page There will be official documentation to support this feature released next week on the Eventfinity Helpsite.

Importing Scheduled Notifications

  • Added the ability to import schedule notifications. This is located in the Imports section of Dashboard. “Send Now” notifications will still need to be created manually.

Global Chat (Open BETA)

  • This new feature has been added to Dashboard within Content > Global Chat. Admin Users can establish the number of chat rooms, designate chat moderators, and determine which pages the chat will be accessible. There will be official documentation to support this feature released next week on the Eventfinity Helpsite.
  • This feature is not intended for use on any live events. It is only meant to be tested on non-live events. In order for this feature to be enabled, the Legacy CSS Theme must be toggled off and Attendee Global Presence must be enabled.
  • To enable both the experimental CSS Theme and the Global Chat plugin, please reach out to your Eventfinity Representative/Manager. Once enabled, Admin Users can establish the number of chat rooms, designate chat moderators, and determine which pages the chat will be accessible. Further documentation can be found on the Evenfinity Helpsite.
  • Added the ability to clone Live Questions; similar to Survey Forms. There is now a clone icon that exists between the Edit and Delete icons within the Dashboard list


    • Added further Localization support to the Homescreen; particularly the HTML block and text that appears above the Agenda block
    • Added further Localization support to the Social Stream; particularly making a post and the associated comments on a post
    • Added further Localization support to the Main Stage Agenda Plug in; particularly the “upcoming” and “see more” strings at the top and bottom of the agenda plugin respectively
    • Added the ability to mute from the Attendee list within VMeet rooms. This functionality is limited to Directors
    • The location within the Add to Calendar feature will link directly to the VMeet or custom URL location attached to the Agenda Item
    • Updated the VMeet Export to match the columns used in the VMeet Import template
    • Updated the Homescreen builder HTML block to be set to private
    • Updated the Emailer List Page to be ID searchable
    • Added a confirmation modal for “Send Immediately” emails
    • Speaker agenda items will only show the agenda items that attendees see on their personal schedule
    • Added the "delete" column to the agenda importer, to allow for deleting agenda items in bulk
    • Added further support for Localization within Forms
    • General CSS updates to Global Chat
      - Online/Offline indicator
      - Scrollbar styling
      - Event Color coordination of Chat UI
      - Spacing/Centering throughout Chat UI
      - Loading Spinners for Attendee List and Chat Drawer
      - Added Green Moderator Badge Icon to Moderators within the Attendee List and
      Chat drawer
    • General Functionality updates to Global Chat
      - Moderator functionality: Moderators can flag attendees (preventing them from chatting) and delete messages as needed
      - Character limit on individual messages
      - Added Pagination to Chat Rooms page; only applicable if a user is a member of 30+ Chat Rooms
      - Admin/Moderators can only be designated using Normal Groups and not Dynamic
      - Individual Chat Message character limit increased from 300 to 500
    • Emailer Send To field is now a searchable dropdown field. This field will exclude Attendee Fields that don’t store user data as a plain string or integer (multiselect, link, image_upload. etc.)
    • Update to Analytics to remove any extraneous info being submitted

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug with inline editing of multi-select fields for some attendees within the OA view
    • Fixed a bug with “is not” Attendee Groups parameters not functioning properly
    • Fixed a bug with attendee session importers not validating email addresses that contain uppercase letters
    • Fixed a bug with Attendee’s names not appearing when the hardware config screen was enabled for public VMeet rooms
    • Fixed a bug with Registration files not saving asset tags correctly for Exhibitor Directory pages
    • Bugfix for Google Chrome iframes that embed Vimeo video players, "allowfullscreen" wasn't being allowed within the iframe
    • Fixed a bug causing a discrepancy in VMeet Views between Directors and Attendees in Spotlight View
    • Fixed a javascript error caused by attempting to access an undefined form field
    • Fixed a VMeet error by checking for a specific function value prior to attempting to return a variable
    • Added an additional check prior to attempting to display VMeet Chat through a public link
    • Added an additional check to combat 404 errors related to Attendee fields
    • Bugfix for a missing localization string for dropdown fields; causing
      “event_strings.dropdown_select_option” to display as the first option
    • Bugfix for attendee login failing after attempting to reset their password
    • Updated missing CSS on Main Stage Plugin
    • Added check for event’s existence when attempting to access the timezone in a specific instance; correctly displaying a 404 if the event reference is incorrect
    • Added check for validity of json function prior to retrieving a message
    • Fixed an error with cloning side navigation group settings
    • If "Global availability for all attendees" was turned on for a meeting scheduler and an attendee went into their profile and deselected all time slots, the meeting scheduler would automatically add them all back as available. This has been fixed to allow for users to deselect all time slots if they’d like to
    • Fixed a bug where searching a  radio button field would falsely return no results within Attendee List Search
    • Fixed an issue with Datadog Analytic exports when a URL contained a special character
    • Fixed a bug for reg forms where the placeholder text became a selectable option
    • Fixed an issue with cloning events' side nav items unexpectedly
    • Fixed an issue by validating an attendee field prior making a query elsewhere
    • Fixed an error with cloning side navigation group settings
    • Added further validation fro Agenda Import formatting errors involving Speakers and Directory IDs

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