Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast operates on top of Eventfinity’s existing scheduling tools, and allows up to 4 presenters at a time to broadcast their video feeds to viewers all over the world.

High level features

Custom Design
Dynamic Content
Automated Emails
Access Codes
Open/Closed Registration
Data Collection

How it works

Broadcast functions similarly to a live production, with a producer, a speaker (or speakers), and an audience, but runs completely virtually. Speakers can present their screen and other materials, as well as embed an rtmp or vimeo feed. Fans can request to go "on stage", and producers can run the show entirely “backstage”.

Broadcast Features

Our large group broadcast is perfect for presentations and panel discussions. Features such as a library for sharing documents and files, a whiteboard, and chat threads create an interactive experience for your viewers.

Production Panel

For live broadcast sessions, the key function of the production panel is for the producer to be able to run the show from their laptop. The production panel allows producers to control the camera and sound for all users, and bring both presenters and audience members "on stage" and "backstage". Producers can either grant permission to or deny audience members requesting to join the panel.

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Virtual Red Carpet

With vMeet’s broadcasting capabilities, you can create virtual experiences as close to live events for viewers around the world. Allow viewers to control their virtual event experience by customizing their schedules to attend live interviews, Q&As, and even Red Carpet viewings.

With design and branding catered to match your event from start to finish, you are sure to create a memorable experience.


vMeet broadcast rooms are customizable to include your brand's logos and colors, so that when linked from an email or event agenda, attendees are presented with a cohesive look and feel that follows your brand.

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