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Recreate the classroom experience, using vMeet's Stage View with up to 4 presenters at a time, and permissions controlled by the teacher to monitor activity and interactions for the duration of the class.

High level features

Custom Design
Dynamic Content
Automated Emails
Access Codes
Open/Closed Registration
Data Collection

How it works

vMeet classrooms allow for a safe environment for students to learn in a way closest to learning in the physical environment that they’re used to. All the same features available in breakout sessions is also available here (chat, screenshare, annotation, etc.) and permissions can be controlled by the teacher to monitor activity and interactions for the duration of the class.

Stage View

In a vMeet classroom, up to 25 users can be in attendance, with 1-4 of these users able to present at a time in Stage View. In this mode, the teacher can have full control of his/her class with the ability to call on students and bring them to the “stage” to present, or share the "stage" with other teachers and guest speakers.

Students have a “digital hand-raise” that they can use if they need to ask a question or otherwise get the teacher’s attention.

Reduced Framerate

As the virtual classroom fills, the student feeds on the right side of the screen will expand out of the frame, but will be accessible by scrolling up and down.

The teacher’s view of each student’s video feed runs at a very low framerate (1-7fps) to reduce the bandwidth load, but still allow teachers to verify that students are present and paying attention.


When screensharing, the teacher’s content will be front-and-center, with the teacher’s video feed remaining larger than all others.

While screensharing, teachers still have the ability to bring a student to “stage”, where their video feed will then show up in the same size and framerate as the teacher. This allows students to perform project presentations or solve problems with the "whiteboard" feature.

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