RFID / NFC technology can be used in wristbands or attendee badges to create personalized experiences.

High level features

Custom Design
Dynamic Content
Automated Emails
Access Codes
Open/Closed Registration
Data Collection

How it works

RFIC / NFC technology is added to wristbands or badges as an embedded chip or sticker. We then pair attendees in the eventfinity system (typically during badge pick-up) with an RFID/NFC embedded badge or wristband to allow for personalized interactions with any number of digital experiences, from point of sale to event signage.

Point of Sale

Our most popular use of RFID/NFC technology is at events where tracking attendee activities is key. It might be that their ticket grants them access to a limited number of experiences, like food items at a festival, or for prizes collected by participating in activities. We can either load an attendee NFC with a certain number of credits that get used up during the event, or track interactions to award attendees points.

Personalized Walls and Signage

Badges and wristbands that are specific to each attendee allows for personalized signage or interaction with large scale digital installations. The possibilities here are endless: personalized digital signage might show an attendee their next schedule agenda item or the tap of their wristband could animate a 40 foot wall with their photo and name (for sharable social content).

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