Virtual Breakouts

Host your weekly meetings in a regularly scheduled virtual room, and enjoy all the features that vMeet has to offer, allowing for a truly interactive experience that mimics in-person meetings.

High level features

Custom Design
Dynamic Content
Automated Emails
Access Codes
Open/Closed Registration
Data Collection

How it works

vMeet uses Eventfinity’s proprietary video conferencing platform that can solve anything from virtual events to working remote and virtual classrooms. Breakout rooms allow up to 25 people with features you have from standard video chatting platforms, such as mute, video, screenshare, and text chat with those in the room.


vMeet rooms are customizable to include your brand's logos and colors, so that when linked from an email or event agenda, attendees are presented with a cohesive look and feel that follows your brand.

Chat Feature

Our chatroom allows attendees to send messages to everyone else in the room. This allows comments to happen on the side without interrupting speakers.

Attendee List

Each virtual room contains a list of attendees that shows the number of attendees in the room, their names, and their mic/video settings. If you are the administrator of the room, you have the ability to mute and unmute in this list.

From this list, you can invite other attendees to private chats or create separate rooms to continue a conversation “offline”.

Meeting Info & Materials

In the Meeting Information tab, you'll see all the details for the meeting as well as related materials and plugins. When clicked, these would open in a new tab so you can view them alongside your virtual meeting.

Screenshare & Annotation

In a virtual breakout session, you have the ability to screenshare and annotate over the shared screen. Permissions to access these functions can be set in Eventfinity’s admin panel. 

While screen sharing, attendees in the session are still visible, so that you can continue to identify speakers.

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