Why Eventfinity?

While there are other event-management products out there, Eventfinity is the only comprehensive event management platform that has been used for events of 30 to 30,000 attendees, for both live and virtual events.

High level features

Custom Design
Dynamic Content
Automated Emails
Access Codes
Open/Closed Registration
Data Collection

Experiential Expertise

We are a team of event producers, developers, creative designers, and industry leaders who have been connecting people through live experiences and virtual events for many years. Before we were virtual, we cut our teeth onsite as digital and registration experts for every category within the events industry.

Our Project Managers have all produced live events, negotiated with the hotel, built the trade show booth, created the perfect attendee journey, and lost sleep over venue permitting and insurance.

We know events in ways that virtual-only companies can never understand. While other platforms have to invent their hybrid future, we are just excited to get back home.

Full Service Production Support

Like we said, we’re live event producers, so we tend not to leave much to chance, and we never leave our clients with questions. We are not your platform; we are your partner. Our team is here to help you strategize and generate plenty of attendee engagement.

We’re not Account Managers who leave you to it and answer emails two days later. At Eventfinity, we produce virtual events in tandem with our world class clients.

We've seen it all, or almost all of it, by now. Our production team has a wealth of best practices on how to use our platform and how to pull off a virtual event that breaks conventions to stand above the rest.

Bespoke Events with Full Flexibility

It starts with your logos, colors, and fonts, but grows into so much more. Our websites should look like YOUR websites. We leave every ounce of Eventfinity logo presence off of your event floor, if you so choose. Your space is yours entirely.

Our favorite moment is when clients say, "Break the template." This is the biggest differentiator between us and our competitors. We never box clients in with what they cannot do, but rather talk about possibilities and what can be. Our creative and design teams are bolstered by our developers who want to engineer a unique and fully customized experience for both you and your attendees.

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