The Best All-In-One
Hybrid Event Platform

Deliver a powerful audience experience onsite and remotely with the only fully integrated one stop event solution.

The Best All-In-One Hybrid Event Platform

Deliver a powerful audience experience onsite and remotely with the only fully integrated one stop event solution.

Why Eventfinity?

Bespoke Events with Full Flexibility

Our creative and design teams are bolstered by our developers who want to engineer a unique and fully customized experience for both you and your attendees. Our team can create an event experience tailored specifically to your brand, accommodating your novel ideas that our competitors may not.

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Full Service Production Support

At Eventfinity, we produce events in tandem with our world class clients. Our team has an extensive amount of experience in both events and producing events with our platform. We’re here to help you strategize every step of the way to get the most attendee engagement out of your event.

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Experiential Expertise

We're a team of event producers, developers, creative designers, and industry leaders who have been connecting people through live experiences and virtual events for many years. Before we were virtual, we cut our teeth onsite as digital and registration experts for every category within the events industry.

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In-person Experience

We were onsite before we were virtual. Badge printing, credentials, and registration are second nature to Eventfinity. Beyond check-in, attendees take their event app with them as they journey through your event, seeing targeted agendas that tell them where and when they have sessions scheduled just for them. The event app allows attendees to video and text chat with their virtual counterparts. Location beacons and badge scanning connect onsite guests to virtual chat rooms for each individual session. Session speakers broadcast out in real time with no delay directly to virtual attendees with VMeet.

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Agnostic Solutions

We are not inventing new process for your program. Eventfinity is a robust platform, powered by world class web developers and guided by experiential producers. Our solutions are designed to be your solutions.

We are dedicated to our clients. If you have your own virtual meeting infrastructure that you want to plug into Eventfinity, B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Breakout) rules apply. We’ll link to WebEx or Zoom or Teams or any 3rd party you would like, if you find that vMeet isn't the right fit for your event.

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Secure and Custom Event Portals

Virtual attendees log in from home to find a carefully designed website that allows them to enroll in sessions or easily find the targeted sessions you want them to see. As in-person attendees scan into events onsite, your virtual guests in the same session can chat with them directly. There’s no need to host one session in-person and one virtually. With Eventfinity's face-to-face conferencing, your virtual and in-person attendees can interact together and with speakers in real time, with no delay. Remote attendees can invite one another to 1:1 virtual conference rooms to network with each other or their onsite counterparts using the event app.

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Onsite and Virtual.
Registration through Analytics.
All in one place.

Whether your attendees are logging in from across the globe or shaking hands with you onsite, let us manage your registration. Our hybrid experience means all of your attendees will share so much of their journey through your event together. When it’s all over, we’ll provide one comprehensive analytics package so you can measure the ROI across all attendee types. From the first contact to the last and every encounter in between, Eventfinity has you covered.

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Want to see the platform for yourself?

Contact us for a demo, and we'll show you all the features our product has to offer. We know how much there is to consider when producing an event, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Event Organizers worldwide trust Eventfinity to host their virtual events!

"Working with Eventfinity for the first time was an excellent experience. They understood our client needs and worked with us on a completely customizable product. Their enthusiasm to try new things and functionality and work with their development team was amazing. Our clients were so impressed and it made us look great."

Lorie Perez
Jack Morton Worldwide

“Eventfinity's team was a joy to work with. We quickly built trust and had candid conversations about what was (and was not!) virtually possible for our event. Knowing that the team had our best interests in mind was indispensable to the success of our virtual event and we look forward to working together again!"

Loren McFalls
Sequence Events

“ Eventfinity has been my preferred platform for years. It gives our users a truly integrated and personalized experience across all facets of programming, including general sessions, breakouts, expo, networking, and more. Equally important for me is that their team of experts are always willing to find solutions to new challenges as they present themselves. They are a great partner to have in today's new normal."

A. Echols
Freelance Event Producer

“Eventfinity has always been our go-to platform for experiences, so when this new world presented itself, I had no doubt they would rise to the top. After reviewing the vast majority of other products available, what I already knew to be true, was cemented. There is no other product on the market that can do everything Eventfinity does - registration, streaming, video conferencing, attendee engagement, networking, trade shows - all under one roof.  Other platforms specialize in one or two elements, but Eventfinity will always be our one-stop shop for event needs.”

Justin Maddox
Director of Digital Strategy, Leo Events

A Proven System

Eventfinity is a comprehensive Event Management Platform that has been used for events of 30 to 30,000 attendees.

Hybrid Event Capabilities

Our all-in-one event platform provides a seamless solution for events with both virtual and onsite attendees.

Built-in Virtual Conferencing

Eventfinity’s built-in virtual conferencing platform, vMeet, allows both live and virtual attendees to create meaningful connections at your event.

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