Eventfinity Enhancements

May 27, 2021

New Features

  • Added attendee subheader display fields to Exhibitor Directories; allowing for further customization of Exhibitor Type Attendees


      • Added font-awesome social media icon support to the Exhibitor Directory. If the Exhibitor Attendee social field is filled in, then the font awesome icon for the 4 socials - instagram, twitter, facebook, linkedin - will display
      • Updated the password lockout to not disclose which component of the login process failed as well as how many attempts remain before lockout
      • Added a period to the end of the vMeet info tab text "Click here to test your connectivity, hardware, and software settings"

        Bug Fixes

        • Fixed an issue with the Date/Time field on OA forms; causing an error if all applicable fields on a form weren’t filled out prior to submitting
        • Fixed a bug preventing the deletion of event background images in Dashboard
        • Fixed a bug where attempting to access Enrollable Agenda Items through the Agenda would throw an error
        • Fixed a bug where multi-select drop downs showed up as slugs and not the display label within a directory
        • Fixed an issue that caused the cloning of events to fail
        • Fixed an issue with category-enabled directories that caused filter sorting to break
        • Fixed a bug causing the agenda import to fail when trying to update an existing agenda using the advanced import type

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