Your Event is Now Television

Producing a Keynote for Remote Audiences

Just one more episode. 
Okay, one more now, but that’s it.

Over the past year many event planners and attendees have allowed streaming platforms to autoplay another hour of television even when screen fatigue should have set in. We prove time and time again that our patience for content on a screen is nearly limitless.

But why do virtual attendees at home lose interest in our event content as the minutes roll on? In short, a speaker with a compelling deck and a shared screen is not television.

Live streams that will engage your audience need to meet the ACE criteria: artful, clear, and engaging.

Artful content mimics television with your studio-produced livestreams. Lighting, camerawork, color balance, backgrounds and transitions all come together to create an engrossing televisionary experience. Find a creative shot to frame your speaker or panel and then occasionally swap that shot to camera 2 or 3 to find a new take on your set and your speaker.

Want to figure out how to do this from the home or the studio?

Check out Fallon and Colbert.

Clear broadcasts produce exceptional audio. Our attendees’ attention spans can tolerate and hang in there with a dipped video resolution, but imperfect audio can end an engagement before it begins. Wherever possible, speakers from home should have access to a studio quality microphone that is sound checked for levels exactly as we would onsite. Music and video levels should be mixed to fit creatively into your presentation.

Your sound quality should be as pristine as, well, Fallon and Colbert.

Lastly, engaging content requires us to finally put the slide deck to bed. This will be true when sessions are live in person with broadcasts to our virtual audience. What worked well in the theater or the ballroom does not necessarily translate at home where phones and families are competing for attendees’ attention. There are plenty of television shows that have visual support for their hosts without Powerpoint or Slides or Keynote.

Livestream broadcasts do not need to literally be a television show. They don’t have to be themed like the Action News. What we’ve seen in a year here at Eventfinity is that the best and most engaging livestreams seek to emulate binge-able television with high quality production design, audio, and content that excludes the slide deck.

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